Jessica-Tyson-Miss-World-New-Zealand-2018“My experience at New Face has been amazing! I’ve had treatment on my underarms, upper lip, lower stomach and brazilian.

What I really love about this experience is being able to save time not having to make appointments once a month or so to get waxing treatment from a beautician. As a model I feel so much more confident in swimwear shoots and not having to worry about unwanted hair showing. This past summer has also been a breeze being able to go to the beach with family and friends and not having to worry.

The staff at New Face have been so lovely and kind throughout my journey with them. I love the laid back atmosphere and conversations we have during the treatment and also how supportive they are. The help I’ve received from them is going to last a life time and I’m so grateful. Thank you New Face! ”

Jessica Tyson, Miss World New Zealand 2018

Annie Evans - Miss World New ZealandI heard about New face Laser through Jess Tyson, getting Laser Hair Removal and DMK facials has been absolutely life changing! I no longer spend hours shaving, waxing and being in pain from both. It is such a refreshing feeling to have that weight lifted off my shoulders since I got to a lot of events and fashion shows – being hairless is a must. I also really love how the DMK facials have made my skin very youthful looking when combined with at home use of DMK products.

Annie Evans – Miss World New Zealand 2017

After years of waxing and shaving unwanted hair – it has been truly liberating not having to worry any more. Newface have been discreet, efficient, and affordable. Their new machine is fast and painless. Give them a go!

Lana Coc-Kroft – TV Presenter

I first heard about New face clinic through my sister Tara Puketapu who had been having laser hair removal treatments and said that she had been having great progress. After she mentioned that her sister (myself) was Miss Universe New Zealand, New face Clinic then asked if I would like to come into the clinic and receive some complimentary treatments, so I booked in for a consultation and laser hair removal. I am excited to have the treatment on my bikini line and legs and am looking forward for some better progress. Thank you New Face Clinic :)

Priyani Puketapu – Miss Universe New Zealand 2011

I was introduced to the New Face Clinic after purchasing a online voucher for a series of brazilian and underarm laser hair removal treatments. I was a little skeptical that the laser treatments would be painful and that the hair would grow back but i had always wanted to give it a try. I experienced very little pain during the treatments. I am very happy with the progress so far and I would recommend it to anyone that is feeling a bit skeptical like i was. Thank you to the team at New Face Clinic.

Tara Puketapu – Chiropractic Intern (NZ College of Chiropractic)

Lauren Boyle is an Olympian. She competed in 2008 Olympic games and has been selected for 2012 Olympics in London. 2012: National Champion and Olympic qualifier in 200m, 400m, 800m freestyle. 4x200m freestyle relay qualifier. New Zealand record holder and national champion in 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m freestyle. Awarded State Insurance New Zealand Swimmer of the year award.I’m a competitive swimmer and spend most of my time in a swim suit. It is important to be hairless because less hair helps me go faster in the pool. I started laser treatments with New Face in October last year and have had fantastic progress. I have much less hair regrowth and my hair is much finer. My skin has reacted well to the GentleMAX machine. I don’t get any long lasting redness or dryness after treatments even though I swim in chlorinated water everyday. Each treatment only takes a few minutes so it’s fast and efficient. Laser hair removal with the GentleMAX is also much less painful than waxing treatments I have had in the past. I can’t think of a better solution to hair removal. It’s not just the mechanics of laser hair removal that New Face leads in. The location is handy, the service I have experienced is outstanding, it’s always easy to change an appointment and appointments always run on time! Thanks New Face!

Lauren Boyle – Olympian