Actrol Powder

Soak up excess sebaceous oils and fluids with this powder formulation. Actrol powder offers an antibacterial seal on the skin and encourages healing. This unique formulation is suitable for sensitive, oily and acne prone skins.

Size: 30g (1oz)

Acu Gel

Minimise breakouts with this potent Home Prescriptive gel designed to alleviate and heal isolated areas of pustules and pimples.

Size: 15ml (.5oz)

Contraderm Crème

Contraderm crème is an anti-trauma formula for skin. Specifically designed for use during skin convalescence, contraderm crème can also be used to soothe minor skin irritations and itching due to (or during) skin revision treatments.

Size: 15ml (.5oz)


The three minute skin purifier, dermatox is designed to draw impurities out of the skin. Dermatox aims to minimise impurities by deeply cleansing the skin and instantly brightening the complexion.

Size: 60ml (2oz)

Eye Tone

A synergistic approach to eye care, eye tone crème targets dark circles, fine lines, red, puffy and sapless bags. Eye tone aims to re-educate the fragile eye area restoring and firming the skin, relaxing wrinkles and fine lines. Eye tone can also be used as a strengthening neck crème.

Size: 15ml (.5oz)

Fine Line

Suitable for application around the eye, neck, top lip or any very dry and lined areas fine linehydrating crème is an extremely nourishing crème. Formulated with a rich blend of apricot, avocado pulp and corn oil, it provides a rich source of vitamins and nutrients which aim to strengthen and repair even the most stubborn eye areas. Excellent for dry crepe-like areas, wrinkles and fine lines.

Size: 30ml (.5oz)

Hydrophilic Crème

Lock moisture into dry, flaking skin with this powerful lubricant. Natural sealants allow moisture to penetrate deep into the skin while it also acts as an excellent barrier repair crème for those who work outdoors and require extra protection and superior hydration.

Size: 60ml (2oz)

Melanoplex Crème

Melanoplex crème aids in cell respiration and oxygenation using powerful antioxidants designed to prevent premature ageing and pigmentation. Melanoplex crème is the crème of choice for darker skin tones who are genetically inclined to pigmentation.

Size: 30ml (1oz)

Red Vein Crème

Working to assist in the reduction of red swollen veins, red vein crème can work to reduce bruising.

Size: 15ml (.5oz)


Regulates the natural rhythm of your skin with an advanced vitamin A restorative formulation. This product is very versatile and is highly beneficial for both prematurely aged and acne prone skins. Designed to gently remove dead, redundant skin cells – whilst strengthening the skin – retosin aims to improve the appearance of fine lines, dryness and sun-damage. Addressing the dysfunctions that contribute to skin conditions, retosin is a supreme regulator. This product is used in conjunction with any DMK skin revision program and prior to DMK’s Pro-Alpha Six-layer Peel.

Size: 60ml (2oz)


Revise-A is designed for skins that are on a maintenance program. This vitamin A derivative is a modified version of retosin which helps to improve the appearance of the skin. Its formulation is designed to soften and address the skin’s surface and challenge roughness, uneven skin tone, tired sagging skin and early signs of ageing.

Size: 30ml (1oz)

Transdermal Sunblock

Sunscreen should protect the skin, not clog it. Protect your skin with DMK’s light and non-greasy sunblock. Fine for use on acne prone or oily skin, as well as dry or dehydrated mature skin, transdermal sunblock can be used over all DMK products and underneath make-up.

Size: 120ml (4oz)

Essential size: 60ml (2oz)