4 Simple Ways to Have a Gorgeous Skin this Winter

There are two kinds of people. First are those who love winters. Second, well they are not the kind of people you wanna marry haha.


Apart from the jokes, winters are most people’s favorite. People from New Zealand would agree in a heartbeat because winters in NZ are aesthetic (just like all other seasons to be honest). As the giant rocks turn into snow, they yield a heavenly sight like no other and become the perfect playground for some winter skiing.


However, winters can be tricky, especially for your skin. A number of skin care problems like dry skin, chapped lips, and dandruff arise but nothing so serious that can’t be taken care of by a few skin care resolutions. While winter has its downsides, it has its upsides for your skin as well. For example if you want to get that long due laser hair removal treatment done, you can do it winters with absolutely no hassle of tanning. Another upside of having your treatment done this winter is that you can avail (New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic’s Winter special offers) and get unparalleled services at unbelievably discounted rates.


Other than gift of a hair-free skin, New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic has 4 other great ways to give you a gorgeous skin this winter.


1) Wrinkle Removal:


Wrinkle Removal by New Face Laser Clinic

Wrinkles are like battle scars on your skin that you didn’t even choose to fight in. Try our Sublative fix treatment and go wrinkle-free in less than 8 treatments. Our revolutionary eTWO facial rejuvenation machine targets the natural wound healing process via cell destruction and reconstruction which triggers collagen & elastin production in very specific areas in the top dermal layer.

It’s better than botox:

Our treatment helps produce collagen naturally thus enabling your natural wound healing process to heal the wrinkles and makes your skin look revitalized and younger for years to come.

2) Acne Scar Removal:


Acne scar Removal by New Face Laser Clinic

Acne Scarring is a side effect of active Acne. It’s a result of previous Acne breakouts causing damage to the surrounding tissue. They are a result of either lack of collagen produced by your skin or excess.

Try our sublative fix for acne scar removal which is proven to reduce moderate to severe Acne Scars for all skin types including darker skin within 6-8 treatments.



3) Stretch Marks Removal:


Stretch Marks Removal by New Face Laser Clinic


Stretch Marks, also known as striae, are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. Common causes include pregnancy, puberty, pregnancy, bodybuilding, or hormone replacement therapy. They aren’t considered as a medical problem but can cause self consciousness and embarrassment. Don’t let them hinder your self-confidence.

Try our Sublative Fix for stretch marks removal and heal your skin inside-out.



4) Non-Surgical Face Lift:

As we grow older, our skin loses volume, primarily fat. It causes the skin to hang down as a reult of gravity causing loose or sagging skin, wrinkles and bands.

Non- Surgical Face lift or skin Tightening is a procedure called SUBLIME LIFT with the most advanced machine eTwo, perfect to treat wrinkles on face & neck, acne scars and stretch marks. Withn a course of 4 to 6 treatments at an interval of 4 weeks each, visible results are seen.

Non-Surgical or Sublime Face Lift by New Face Laser Clinic!


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